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Did you know that having correct grammar and spelling will help drive traffic to your blog?


Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the use of algorithms by search engines (i.e., Google, Yahoo, and Pinterest) to organize and rank content that is related to your search.

Yes, I did mean to put Pinterest in the example. Most people don’t realize that Pinterest is a search engine too and uses SEO.  Matter of fact, most of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest.

Now for Bloggers/website owners, ranking high on the SEO is very important. Your goal is to be high within the results when people search for things on search engines.

One method to help with ranking higher is having proper grammar and spelling so the search algorithms can more accurately read and categorize the content of your blog. If you misspell or it has trouble understanding what you are trying to say, then you have missed an opportunity.

Having correct grammar and spelling will allow the search engine to divert more traffic to your site. Then your page becomes higher on the chart of page ranking.

A little-known way to help is by using Grammarly

Little-Known Way To Drive Traffic To Your Site, Hint: It's a FREE Tool. #Blogging, #NewBlogger , #BeginnerBlogger, # Waystodrivetraffictoblog

Grammarly offers a FREE browser extension that will analyze whatever you type on the web and points out critical grammar and spelling errors. This extension was one of the first tools I set up as a new blogger.

There is also a premium version that I use, that gives writers vocabulary suggestions, detects writing style, and checks for plagiarism.

The premium version also helps with writing e-mails, Facebook posts, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.

Grammarly has become one of my favorite blogging tools and has helped me out on more than one occasion with my social media posts too. I can’t imagine blogging without it. Check them out!

Tip: Another way to help drive traffic is downloading the Yoast SEO plugin. After I implemented both of these my traffic really took off.

List some of the ways you drive traffic to your blog and help out other bloggers by commenting below. 🙂