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How I use Tailwind to boost my blog traffic.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a tool I use to save time scheduling my pins to Pinterest (and later Instagram).

With Tailwind I can schedule my pins to post to Pinterest at the best time for engagement, discovery, and share content with Tribes and track my efforts in the performance section.


Why You Need Tailwind

With Pinterest, the more active your account is, the more followers you get. With more followers, you increase your odds of your pins getting discovered.

As your pins get discovered, you will have an increase in blog traffic.

When I started out on Pinterest, I was manually pinning 10-12 pins a day, which was not enough to grow my traffic, and it was tough to be consistent each day.

By setting up the Tailwind scheduler, I can schedule my pins to post throughout the day, every day.

This keeps my presence on Pinterest consistent, and I can focus on other things.

With Tailwind, my Pinterest traffic has grown to over 31,000 a month in two short months. See the picture below.


Scheduling Pins

Once you’ve signed up for Tailwind, spend some time watching their video tutorial called “Mastering Tailwind” located at the top of the page.

That video will familiarize you with the dashboard and show you how to schedule pins.

Once you feel comfortable with the in’s and out’s of Tailwind, you’ll probably want to schedule some pins right away.

You can do that directly from Tailwind, but you can also download the browser extension. I find the browser extension to be the easiest way.

Tailwind Browser Extension Picture

When I’m on a website and find something that I want to pin, I just hit the Tailwind extension button and schedule it to the relevant board.

If I am on Pinterest, then I can schedule it directly from there too.

After you’ve scheduled all of your pins in Tailwind, don’t forget to push the Shuffle Queue button!

The shuffle button will space the pins out so that Pinterest won’t consider all the same pins as spam.

I usually hit the shuffle button a couple of times, to be safe.


I use the paid version of the Tailwind, but you can sign up for a FREE trial here and schedule your first 100 pins on Pinterest, to try it out.


What are the Tailwind Tribes?

A Tailwind Tribe is a group that you can join in Tailwind made up of bloggers and influencers in a specific niche.

Each person in the group shares their own content with the Tribe.

If your Tribemates like your content then they will share it with their Pinterest followers and vice versa.


Do Tailwind Tribes Cost?

Tailwind has a free Tribe plan that allows you access to 5 tribes with 30 pieces of content submission a month.

If you want to add more Tribes, you can add Powerups starting at $7.49 for 10 Tribes and 80 submissions a month.

Tribes are an exclusive marketing strategy by Tailwind – and it works.

If you look at the picture below, you can see in this one Tribe alone I’ve had 46 reshares, 23 pins and my reach has been 113.5K people.


How Do You Find Tribes?

If you look at the top of the picture above, you will see a link that says Find Tribe.

Another way to look up Tailwind Tribes is on Facebook. You’ll see several Tailwind Tripe groups that you can join.



Tailwind has allowed me to :

  • Pin consistently on Pinterest
  • Grow my followers on Pinterest
  • Join Tribes to increase my visibility
  • Grow my blog traffic

Sign up for a FREE trial here and schedule your first 100 pins on Pinterest.


Have you tried Tailwind yet? If so, tell us how it has worked for you! Drop me a line in the comments section.