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Have you ever gotten blogger envy when you went to Pinterest and thought “Wow! how did that blogger get so many followers?”

I know I have.

Well, let me say, that seeing other bloggers gain that many Pinterest followers showed me that it was not an impossible goal.

But a goal that I really wanted to obtain since Pinterest drives the most traffic to my site.

I mean the goal for any blogger should be to get their content in front of as many people as possible, right?

And now with my accidental discovery of a different kind of automation tool, I think I am on my way!


I had never heard of PinPinterest until recently.

Mostly because everyone always tells you to use Tailwind, which is still a great automation tool but for different reasons.

Then someone left a tip about PinPinterest in the comment section on my blog and curiosity got the best of me.

So I headed over to check it out.

The site had a 7-day free trial, with no card needed for set up. 🙂

Oooh, but I was still a little skeptical.

So after Googling a few reviews, which were great, I put my Tailwind automation on hold mostly,  because I needed to get an accurate picture of how well the PinPinterest automation worked over the next seven days.

And let me just say, color me impressed! If that’s the right saying?

I gained 234 followers in seven days. Wow!

Check out my cute little dashboard on their site.

They even had a tutorial on their site that showed me how to set it up.  If you’re interested, I found the video tutorial on the review tab.

It was pretty simple, and  I did nothing once I set it up. Except for checking the dashboard like 20 times a day, with my jaw on the floor.

But I should mention that I did not allow the automation to post to group boards for me during the trial, just to my boards and from my site.

In case it screwed up, I didn’t want to get kicked off any group boards. I mean ultimately I’m responsible for it- which it did a few times.

See, one of the many things it will do is find content to post on your boards, and towards the end of the trial, I noticed a few posts placed on the wrong boards.

I just reposted them to the right boards and deleted the other ones, but it was only a hand full.

Overall, it was a great experience or I wouldn’t take the time to tell you guys.

And just so you know, I am not making any money off of this helpful tip.

So does your Pinterest following need a little kick? Then check out PinPinterest.

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