Are you looking for a way to work from home?


Maybe you’re:

  • Tired of the commute
  • Want to spend more time with family
  • Want to travel
  • Or just earn extra money

I’ve been where your at and I’m here to help.

I’ll help you find profitable ways to earn an income through the internet and make those dreams come true.

What can you expect to see on Owl Enlighten You?

I help entrepreneurs grow their online income with startups, blogging, social media & marketing tips. I’ll help you by giving you the resources to build your dream biz, increase your income, influence, and impact online. 🙂

 Here I’ll post about:


  • Work at home jobs
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Educational courses to learn a new skill
  • Business tools and software
  • Apps and Extensions
  • Helpful tips and more

Who is behind Owl Enlighten You?


Meet Cindy Conner

Back in 2008, my husband was laid off from his job. Thankfully it wasn’t for very long.

But I was homeschooling our kids at the time and wanted to find a way to help out. I needed a way to make money from home. We knew he would find a job before too long so we didn’t want to enroll the kids somewhere for me to go back to work.

So, I started searching the internet for ways to make money from home. I compiled a list and started trying out different things. Several things turned out to be very profitable and some not worth my time.

This was the beginning of how I created multiple streams of income online.

My goal at Owl Enlighten You is to be a resource for anyone looking to make money online. You can use this information to generate side money or create a full-time income.



  • I was born and raised in Georgia.
  • I married “my high school” sweetheart, 2016 marked 28 years for us.
  • I homeschooled my kids until they started high school and we loved it. We visited many of the places they studied, including England.
  • I’ve always known I would be an entrepreneur, my dad, and his dad were great examples.
  • I surround myself with inspirational quotes, such as, ” Without ambition one starts nothing, without work one finishes nothing.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • I have a post-it-note addiction, there all around my home office. I hate seeing post-it-notes clutter my desk, so it gives me great pleasure to accomplish whatever task is on it so I can throw it away.
  • I’m a very frugal person. I have to be in order to afford my post-it-note addiction, have you seen the cost of those things.
  • I use reward cards and money saving apps all the time ~ I look at them as a way to potentially earn, not save.
  • I’m a cat lover. So I have four cats and one small dog. That is Snowball, my girl ^  *update* we lost two cats in 2017 🙁  But not my girl Snow.
  • All of my animals were rescued.