Hey, I’m Cindy!

Thanks for stopping by Owl Enlighten You!

 Here at Owl Enlighten You, I help women become creative entrepreneurs online. 

It’s a place where you can learn how to start, grow and monetize a blog plus find ways to make extra money online while your empire grows.


My journey to this place started back in 2008 when my husband was suddenly laid off.

I was homeschooling our kiddos at the time (we have 3), so I wasn’t working.

Well, actually homeschooling is work, but I wasn’t making any money. More like spending it! 🙂

Which made me feel guilty.

My husband was given a severance package, but It wouldn’t last but a few months.

So, I decided that day to find ways to make money online around my hectic schedule.

Every little bit helps, right?

One of the first things I did was to open an ebay store.

We usually donated everything, but now I was going to become a seller. Yikes! 

I was usually an online buyer, not a seller but it was easy to figure out, and I sold a ton of the boys used clothes, skates that were too small, and games.

I also set up a book store on Amazon.  

Since Amazon got their start by selling books online and already had a more significant reach, I was betting my books would not only sell faster but would sell for more. 

So, I got busy listing all of our used curriculums and other books.  And I was right! I sold them all fast.

After that, I knew I was addicted to making money online, and I started sourcing yard sales, thrift stores and clearance items to keep selling online. 

At some point, my family and friends started noticing how I was making money online and wanted to learn too.

I had learned of so many ways to make money online, and I loved sharing but, it was not possible to sit down and explain everything at one time. Besides, at this point, I was starting to shift gears and looking into passive income.

With passive income, you create something once, and it sells over and over, like printables, ebooks, courses even monetized blog posts.

So I created this blog as a resource, but blogging has now become my favorite way to earn on the internet. 


Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Fun Facts About Me

  • Born and raised in Georgia.
  • Soccer fan- Atlanta United all the way!
  • I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • I surround myself with inspirational quotes, such as, ” Without ambition one starts nothing, without work one finishes nothing.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • I have a post-it-note addiction. 
  • I’m a frugal person. I have to be to afford my post-it-note addiction, have you seen the cost of those things. =)
  • I love reward cards and money saving apps  ~ I look at them as a way to potentially earn, not save.
  • Cat lover forever, but we do have a Jack Russel dog too.