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Have you been dreaming about a way to work from home lately? Then you’re in the right place!

Below is a list of legitimate ways to work from home. You could graduate from side hustle to small business in less than a year.

I can honestly say I  have personally tried seven of these and #5 is a goal of mine for the upcoming year.

The thing to remember is that some of these have like a snowball effect. It takes work on the front end, but after a while, it pays off.

While others have recommended courses to take but again still require time to finish the course and then a learning curve.

Either way, don’t quit your day job just yet but now is the time to act so you could be living your dream within a year or less.

You’ll find some are direct links, while others might be a post with a tutorial or just more information.

Good Luck, and remember  “Dreams don’t work unless you do”- John C. Maxwell


20 Ways To Work From Home

  1. Start A Blog  (a tutorial)
  2. Become A Social Media Manager This home study course only opens once or twice per year. Get on the notification list and enjoy some freebies while you wait.
  3. Amazon FBA  Become an online reseller
  4. Merch By Amazon Design Shirts that Amazon sells for you
  5. Create Space Create things like coloring books, ebooks, etc. that sell through Amazon
  6. Kindle Publishing Create an EBook, upload and sell through Amazon
  7. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk)- Amazon’s Mechanical Turk website pays you for micro-tasks, like typing data found in photos or locating contact information on sites.
  8. Make Money Online As A Virtual Assistant
  9. Become a Freelance Writer
  10. Medical Transcription and Editing
  11. Scoping
  12. E-Commerce- sell through Wal-mart,, eBay, and Facebook
  13. Teach or buy a course to learn something  new at Udemy
  14. Online Tutoring
  15. Work From Home In Customer Service Through Amazon
  16. After Hours Phone Triage Nurse Requires Bachelor Degree on Indeed
  17. Medical Billing and Coding
  18. Closed Captioning Jobs
  19. Affiliate marketing -Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing
  20. Accounting / Bookkeeping Take a bookkeeping course

Can you think of any online jobs to add to the list? List them in the comments.

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