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Work at home as a Closed Captioning Typist, no experience necessary.

As a Captioner, you will listen to audio files of shows and movies then type the text that will be seen across the bottom of the screen when people have their close caption settings on. The Captioning is for the hearing impaired who may not be able to understand the show or movie without being able to read them.


There Are Two Types Of Captioning Jobs

Offline closed captioning typists will transcribe pre-recorded TV shows and movies. Many of the companies don’t require previous experience, but they will require you to be proficient in grammar and punctuation and usually don’t require a degree.

Real-time captioning is live programming. This type is closed captioning for news broadcasts, sporting events, or anything taking place live. The live programs require speed and skill, and because of this, the salary is much higher. Real-time captioning often requires a lot of experience and a related degree.


How To Become A Closed Captioner?

Check the requirements of each company and match them with your skill and experience level.

Many of the companies don’t require previous experience, but they will require you to be proficient in grammar and punctuation.

What equipment you need will rely on which type of captioning you want to do, real-time or offline.


How Much Does A Captioner Make?

Closed Captioner salaries can vary depending on how much they do per week and their skill level. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, it was estimated that a court reporter/ captioner’s average pay rate was $23.80 per hour.


Closed Captioning Companies That Pay You To Work From Home


Other Places To Look For Closed Captioning Jobs

Not all of the companies advertise their closed captioning jobs on their websites, but here are a few other places to check for closed captioning jobs. You can search “Captioning” jobs and indicate “remote” or “home based” in your search if the site has that option.

Make sure your profile stands out with a portfolio of past work, if applicable, and a description of your experience. Keep your resume updated and once you complete a successful job add it to your resume. If the client was happy with your service, try asking for a testimonial that you can display for advertisement on a website or your resume.