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Are you looking to earn some side money, but you’re not sure how?

Well, that’s where I come in!

I’ve been hunting down legitimate ways to earn side money for years and sharing these tips with family and friends.

Sometimes the side hustles I talk about require some start-up money, such as selling on Amazon FBA, but I’ve rounded up ten side hustles you can start this weekend with no money.


Design Custom Products With No Upfront Costs

You can download Gimp for free and start designing shirts and more this weekend. I use this, but I want to upgrade to a more professional version. If you have something like Photoshop, well you could make much faster and cooler graphics. But alas, GIMP is free.

  • Sun Frog Shirts
  • Tee Spring
  • CafePress
  • Zazzle
  • Merch By Amazon   (They have a waiting list due to overwhelming responses, it took me three months to get in, but worth it since they advertise for you!)

Start Pinning Affiliate Pins On Pinterest

Last year Pinterest started allowing people to add affiliate links to their pins again. That means you can make money without a blog by pinning affiliate links on Pinterest.

Not sure how to do this? Check out this post on How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links.

  • to make your images, it’s free, but they do have a paid version.


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Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

One online side hustle that is growing by leaps and bounds is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA) to bloggers.

Pinterest has become a huge traffic source for many bloggers. As their business grows, so do their tasks and their need for someone to manage them.

If you are familiar with Pinterest, then is a great place to make Pinterest Pins for bloggers.

And there are several Facebook groups out there where you can pick up tips and even find VA work:

Keep in mind that Virtual Assistants are not just for Pinterest. To learn more, check out this post about How To Become A Virtual Assistant by Amy Lynn Andrews.

There are formal VA (Virtual Assitant) programs out there if you are not familiar with Pinterest:


Design Easy Logos And Sell Them

If you are artistic, then think about using a design program, like Gimp, Photoshop, or also Adobe Illustrator and offer to design simple logos.

I know many bloggers who have utilized the services below for a simple logo design for their blog. Create a few examples to showcase and let the clients come to you.

  • Fiverr
  • Creative Market
  • Design Cuts

Write and Publish Your First E-book For Free

If you’re good at writing and telling stories or you are knowledgeable in a specific area, then you should think about publishing an e-book.

I’ve seen some how-to guides about year-round gardening online that were less than 60 pages but sell all year continuously. Talk about passive income 🙂

  • CreateSpace (owned by Amazon but you can list your book on other sites too!)
  • Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon (will only be sold on Amazon)


Start A Drop Shipping Business

Try to open an online store. However, you won’t stock or own any inventory. Create a Shopify store and combine it with something like Oberlro. When your store sells a product listed, you will then purchase the item from a third party and ship it directly to the customer.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping.

  • Shopify (Two weeks FREE Trial)
  • Oberlo (Free until you start getting a large number of customers, then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan)


Get Paid To Take Surveys

These are by far some of the easiest side-hustles to start, along with 13 Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone.


Rent Things Out

Don’t forget about things you already have lying around the house or your garage that you can rent out to make money. Heck, you can even rent out a room or even the house.

I know someone that rents out their driveway for parking when there is an event going on near their house. But you could rent out something simple like a tool.

  • Craigslist
  • Loanable
  • Peer Renters
  • Zilok
  • Air BnB room/house

Here is a great post that will give you some ideas on what to rent: 13 Surprising Things You Can Rent For Cash.

Flip Your Items

Every year I do a round-up of stuff during spring cleaning and list stuff online for extra cash. Heck, we bought new furniture recently, and I sold our old stuff on Facebook local in less than 24 hrs- my husband was impressed.

  • Bonanza
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook Marketplace- Local

Here is a complete guide to flipping you can check to help you get started.

So now that you have some knowledge get out there and make some money.

If you can think of other NO-cost ways to make money, then give me a shout-out in the comments.

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