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Being a Girl Boss while working at home is hard work!  From the moment we wake up until our eyes finally close at night, it is non-stop work. We deal with home stuff, parenting, and of course the business.  So how do we keep motivated and going strong? You have to surround yourself with the right things, and of course COFFEE – lots of coffee!  Here are some of my favorites gifts for the Girl Boss.


1. Kate Spade Planner ($36)

Help keep her organized and successful with this beautiful Kate Spade 2018-2019 planner. It comes with weekly and monthly spreads and gold foil stickers.

Kate Spade planner with water color flower design.

2. 24 Sharpie Markers ($14.99)

Colorful sharpie markers are great for color blocking out your schedule in your planner.  I use different colors for blocking out time for blog posts, creating newsletters and more.

24 Sharpie markers

3. Moleskin Classic Leather Notebook ($10.29)

A successful girl boss always has a notebook within reach just in case she has some awesome ideas that come to mind. Gift her this beautiful leather Moleskin notebook with buttery smooth pages so she’ll never miss the chance to write down that awesome idea, even on the go!

Black Moleskin Notebook

4. Kate Spade Metal Ball Point Pen ($36)

A successful girl boss should always have a stylish Kate Spade metal ballpoint pen that is refillable and inspires her to write.

Kate Spade Metal Ball Point Pen with silver dots

5. Kindle Paperwhite ($129.99)

Reading can be a great way to de-stress. If she already has a Kindle then think about a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. There are lots of business and productivity books in Kindle Unlimited.  If she already has a Kindle or may not want Kindle Unlimited subscription, think about an Echo or Echo Dot.


6. Skull Candy NoiseCancelling Headphones ($178.99)

These headphones allow her to find her own quiet creative space to work.

Black Skullcandy Noise cancelling earphones


7. Logitech HD Pro  Webcam C920 ($49.99)

This webcam is a gold standard for an affordable webcam. If you do live streaming, video coaching calls, or anything like that, you need a decent camera. This one hooks up easily to your desktop or laptop computer. It also has a built-in microphone if you don’t have one already. If you need one that’s optimized for sites like YouTube and Twitch, then try the Logitech c922x.

Logitech black webcam C922x